Adaga Solutions Ltd. is a team of geosteerers, geologists, drilling engineers and programmers with extensive experience in the oil and gas industry. We have successfully completed hundreds of geosteering jobs, and more than 150 jobs used our proprietary software, Geosteering Office.

Our company's main priority is giving personal attention to each customer that leads to the safe and successful completion of the services. We provide service at an industry-leading level.

Our services include:

Our customers have successfully geosteered more than 1,000 wells using our Geosteering Office (GO) software since its launch in 2013. GO is a complete suite of integrated software tools for steering horizontal and highly deviated wells.

GO is:

Robust. GO includes all the functionality you need in one package.

Reliable. GO has been tested on a variety of workstations and laptops. The software features an auto-save capability and is regularly updated with fixes and enhancements.

Fast. GO offers you truly real-time performance.

User-Friendly. GO was created by geosteering engineers for geosteering engineers.

GO operates with both real-time data streams and in disconnected mode. It is designed to deal with the various complexities of logging while drilling (LWD) and measurement while drilling (MWD) tools. It maximizes the efficiency of geosteering by integrating all the necessary data with the correlation and modeling tools, so you can steer a well with confidence either by using a single gamma-ray log or your full set of LWD measurements.

Geosteering Office Window Screenshot

Our clients: