Quality policy


Geosteering Ltd. quality objective is to provide our customers with industry-leading services that comply with strict industry requirements and international quality standards. We will meet our customers' needs in both domestic and international markets in the following areas:

  • geological support of drilling horizontal wells (geosteering) for oil, gas, and sidetracks;
  • engineering services in the oil and gas industry (drilling, completion, production stimulation);
  • the implementation and technical support of software for geosteering.

 How do we offer such great quality in our work?

  • We ensure strict compliance in our geosteering and engineering activities, and the GO24 software, by meeting our established requirements for the objectivity, reliability, accuracy, and completeness of the results obtained, as well as the timing of their execution.
  • Geosteering Ltd. employs professionals with the appropriate levels of education and experience in the fields of engineering and geosteering, and we encourage their professional growth.
  • We create a favorable team atmosphere, as well as increasing the motivation to do excellent quality work — and we involve our employees in the process of improving the quality management system.
  • We apply both the process approach and risk-oriented thinking in the management of Geosteering Ltd.
  • We provide necessary and sufficient resources and stable conditions for providing services that ensure independent and timely work performance by our employees.
  • We use systematic analysis and improvement of our quality management system. We develop mutually beneficial long-term relationships with other companies on the basis of partnership and trust.