Drilling Engineering

To effectively monitor the work of the drilling contractors, and to achieve high quality and efficient work planning, Geosteering Ltd. provides independent engineering services for drilling wells for oil and gas of any complexity. Our well engineers will perform the engineering calculations. Our engineers have extensive experience in this field and have performed work for companies including Shell, EXXON, TNK-BP, Rosneft, LUKOIL and Gazprom. We will analyze all the technical data, including calculations for directional drilling. We are not limited to this range of services; we offer solutions for our customers' most complex problems.

Independent drilling engineering contractor

The drilling process requires an integrated approach, and engineering services are necessary for the best quality control. Using an independent contractor has a number of key advantages:

  • Unlike an integrated service, Geosteering Ltd. development of comprehensive recommendations for drilling will suggest the best technical solution in the customer's best interests. We do not sell drilling equipment.
  • In the event of a dispute, we can fulfill the role of an independent expert and provide the necessary third opinion. This is especially important in investigating the causes of accidents and NPT.

Our drilling experts carry out the whole range of works for well construction engineering, including:

  • engineering calculations for drilling (calculations for the design of wells and profiles of any complexity, including ERD).
  • field development and recommendations for economically profitable drilling of wells, taking into account the geological objectives, risks of intersections, type of equipment used to drill the well pad, and so on.
  • recommendations on the optimal location of the pad/rig skidding direction from the technical and economic points of view.
  • selecting and calculating the BHA (selecting the bit, tool load, hydraulics, etc.).
  • calculating the casing and liners needed.
  • creating programs for lining the hole.
  • historical analysis of the field development, selection of complex expert recommendations, and the application of analytical methods for calculating the BHA.
  • operational drilling engineering


Рис.1 Раскустовка месторождений, выбор оптимального, с экономической точки зрения, порядка бурения скважин и направления движения станка (НДС) в зависимости от геологических целей.
Fig.1 Calculation of the drilling schedule and rig skidding direction depending on the geological purposes
Рис.2 Расчет нагрузок и подбор КНБК и инструмента, на основе нагрузок, возникающих при бурении скважины.
Fig.2 Calculation and selection of the BHA and the tool based on the loads encountered while drilling.

This is not a complete range of services. We can develop a unique service or set of services for a specific field/customer/borehole.