WITSML (or Wellsite information transfer standard markup language) is a standard for transmitting real-time data between the rig and the city in the oil and gas industry.

This data includes:

  • Mud logging data
  • Drilling parameters or ‘time logs’
  • LWD data
  • DD data (surveys)

Geosteering is a real-time job that requires concentration on data without distraction on its awaiting and loading into the software (e.g. with LAS-files). That is why a reliable WITSML platform is required.

GOstream is a platform that receives any kind of real-time data from the rig in WITS (or WITSML) formats, then it converts data to WITSML. From the GOstream server, the data can easily be loaded into any geosteering software, or accessed and visualized through a web browser. Once you logged in, the data is continuously streaming.

GOstream can be installed on the rig server, on your company server and even in the cloud. Or you can use our hosting at https://online.geosteering.pro

GOstream works with any rig or LWD sensors in case the data from them is sent via the Internet.

GOstream understands if there are gaps in the data from a poor connection on the rig and pushes the missing data to replace the gaps.

GOstream works best with the Geosteering Office software, as now the geosteering geologist may send its interpretation windows back to the GOstream, and a client or a supervisor may log in a browser on any device anywhere in the world to be in the loop.